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My Favorite Movie Essays

My Favorite Movie Essays My Favorite Movie Essay My Favorite Movie Essay This movie described that the captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) was given a new mission when he was finishing his tough mission, landing on Omaha Beach in the World War? : To find and rescue the private Ryan (Matt Damon), whose three brothers all had been killed in combat. Miller obeyed the mission and took a small troop behind enemy lines to retrieve Ryan. With no information about Ryan’s whereabouts, Miller and his men moved from town to town, venturing deeper into enemy territory. Tragically, although the troop completed its mission, most of the troop’s members died, leaving just two people. There are three viewpoints that I want to share after I watched this movie. Firstly, why did eight men risk their lives to save just one? It costs co much that I think it is not worth them to do it. Specialist, we have to think of the benefit of whole country in the war, not only one person or one family; in other words, we should rather do right thing than do thing right. Secondly, Miller decided to let the German soldier live and walk away, the decision had been touched off a debate between the team. At last, it is ironic that the same German soldier, who he had set free, shot him. It is worth thinking about whether we should be a kind man on the battlefield or not. If I were Miller, I would have done my duty of soldier even the event in the war was so cruel. Sometimes in the war field, we have no choices. Finally, Ryan refused to leave and Miller unwillingly agreed and ordered his troop to help defend the bridge. They almost died in the battle that they protected the bridge, including Miller himself. I am very touched by the spirit that they would rather sacrifice their life to save more American soldier’s lives. I love this movie so much, not only it is a war film, but also it lets me think about my military service. I had been a commander in military, so I could realize why Captain Miller did the decision even if it was a dilemma. Therefore, the movie, â€Å"Saving Private Ryan,† is my favorite movie that is so good to see, I want to watch this movie again.

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Chock-full Chock-full Chock-full By Maeve Maddox A reader came across the following sentence in an online advertisement for a local homeschool conference: Enjoy a day chalk full of speakers and vendors while you are there! She speculated that the misspelling of chalk for chock could have been intentional, given the nature of the conference, but decided that it was just an error and that the writer had intended to invite readers to a day chock-full of speakers and vendors. The person who wrote the ad probably pronounces chalk /CHAWK/ to rhyme with rock /ROK/. The expression chock-full means â€Å"filled so as to leave no vacant space; cram-full; stuffed full; full to suffocation.† The expression has been in English with different spellings since the 15th century. Modern dictionaries, such as the OED and Merriam-Webster, give chock-full as the main form and choke-full as a variant. The Ngram Viewer shows chock-full taking the lead in printed books in the 1830s and choke-full plunging toward flat-lining in the 20th century. Not always spelled according to the dictionary standard (chock-full), the expression is popular in headlines and articles about various subjects: Yesterday, NBC  announced  a schedule that will be chock full of brand new programming. Those in attendance will get a hands-on preview of Little Orbit’s hot fall lineup chock full of popular franchises including  Disney Planes. The FMC Tower Will Be Chock-Full of 268 AKA Residences You can tell blueberries are chockfull of antioxidants because of their dark color. Get ready for a weekend  chock-full  of Indian River Lagoon water activities   The new federal budget is chock-full of goodies for pollutocrats Centuries-Old Shipwreck Chock-Full Of Gold Found Off Finnish Coast Note: Another misspelling of chock-full is chuck-full: This November, South Dakota’s ballot will be chuck full of choices.- South Dakota government site. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Expressions category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Fly, Flew, (has) FlownFlied?Italicizing Foreign Words20 Ways to Laugh

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Answer questions'' toenails'' Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Answer questions'' toenails'' - Essay Example The narrator was pointing out the need of young doctors to take a break and refresh themselves. He observed that due to the high level of energy of young doctors, the work really hard and continuously. In this case most are burnt out early leading to giving up or hating the profession that they worked hard for. He even explained that a person should know the importance of his or her own self like a priest, it is important to nourish his faith so that he can help others strengthen theirs. The narrator had special nicknames to every member of the library regulars and Neckerchief became his friend. One day when he noticed that Neckerchief is wincing as he walks, he discovered that he has toenail problem. He then decided to get the toenail cutters from the hospital, bring it to the library and cut his friend’s toenails. This act revealed that even during breaks, the narrator cannot put his vocation on pause. His dedication to the need of patients or people can be observed in his every action. In terms of the conversation with the nurse, it can be presumed that they have a friendship that can be based on working together a long time. Also, the nurse can be older than the narrator since a parental care even while teasing and joking can be observed. The climax is the part wherein Neckerchief felt relief due to the fact that he can walk better and with less pain after his toenails were cut. This led to the decision of the narrator to help all the people in his â€Å"library group.† The plot of the short story revolves around the doctor who recognizes the need to take a break from work to be able to refresh himself in order to fully and optimally help his patients by going to a library and fulfill his love for reading. In the process though, he still was able to help more people by being a person who really cares about his patients, and other people in need of assistance. The theme represents the

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Social terms in Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social terms in Islam - Essay Example He went to a cave to muse on the problems, and there he prayed. In the year 610, the angel Gabriel appeared to him. It was Gabriel who gave Muhammad the words to the Koran. Muhammad started to preach, and at first his words were not taken well. Meccans were told not to trade with the would-be Muslims. In the year 619 his wife died. It was after this that he had his famous journey to Jerusalem. Soon men from Medina heard of him, and said that if his ideas worked "he would be the strongest man in Arabia." (U.S. News and World Report, Secrets of Islam pg.22) The Medina Arabs soon accepted Islam, but it was far from being accepted by everybody in Arabia. Muhammad died at the age of 63, and within a century of his death Islam spread across three continents. The first split in the religion happened not long after Muhammad's death. When Muhammad died he left no indication of who was to rule after him. The Sunnis believe that Ali, Muhammad's cousin should have been the first caliph to rule after Muhammad. Instead, he was the 4th. The third caliph; Uthman, was killed, and Ali was accused of not pursuing Uthman's killers. Mu'awiya, Uthman's cousin and the governor of Damascus refused to accept Ali as the caliph until Uthman's killers were caught. Ali was killed by one on his own followers, and then Mu'awiya took the title of caliph. Ali's son, Hussein was promised the caliph after Mu'awiy died. However Mu'awiya's son took the caliph, and Hussein died. However Hussien's son Ali survived, and the two lines of caliphs made the split between the Islamic factions of Sunni and Shia. Both sects of the religion are Islam however. A believer of Islam, be the person Sunni or Shia, is called a Muslim. Muslim is the Arab word for submission to the will of Allah. And a Muslim is a person who has submitted their will to the will of Allah. Muslims believe in the 5 Pillars of Islam. The Five Pillars are: 1. To believe in Allah and his Prophet Muhammad. 2. To pray in the direction of Mecca five times a day 3. To make a pilgrimage to Mecca during their lifetime if able 4. to pay religious taxes(alms) 5. to observe and fast during Ramadan The holy book for Muslims, the Koran, is the main source for Islamic law. It is considered the ultimate source of instruction and information. The legal interpretation of the Koran is call the Shariah and can vary within the religion. For example, the Koran calls for modesty in women's dress, and some Shariah's say that women should be veiled from head to foot. Islam soon spread far across the world. There is some debate however about how it came to Kyrgyzstan. Some sources say it was brought over by Sufis, Islamic missionaries. The majority of the other sources say that the religion was brought over by merchants and traders. As merchants traded, they would sell their wares as well as spread their Islamic faith. Islam was assimilated into the lifestyle of the people of the area. Some ideas of the religion were ignored, because they didn't fit with the nomadic life style of the people. The people of the area mainly practiced animism and forms of shamanism, and it I believed that they simply took and chose which parts of Islam they wanted to adopt. Many people also considered themselves Muslim, even if they didn't hold any of the beliefs of the religion. Because of the nomadic way of life, Islam does not have a strong hold on the society of Kyrgyzstan. One example of this is the role of women. Due to

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On the Waterfront Essay -- Film

Interpersonal relationships are a potent entity that wildly flutter, like a liberated pigeon, through the miserable docks of Elia Kazan’s 1954 film ‘On the Waterfront,’ shaping the moral metamorphosis of protagonist Terry Malloy – from an analysts perspective, the ‘power’ source of the film. Terry’s voyage from an inarticulate and diminished â€Å"bum† to a gallant â€Å"contender,† is the pedestal that the film gyrates around, however, it is palpable that Terry – a man branded with his primitive mores - is not equipped of emancipating himself from the self-preservative cycle of â€Å"D and D† singlehandedly. Therefore, the catalytic, moral facilitation of inspirational outsiders - Edie Doyle and Father Barry – are essential to the rewiring of Terry’s conscience and his propulsion into â€Å"testifying what is right against what is wrong.† However, rapports do not simply remain ‘st rong’ and stable for the entire duration of the film – they fluctuate. Terry shuffles closer to the side of morality each scene, portrayed by the simultaneous deterioration of Terry’s intertwinement with Johnny Friendly and â€Å"the mob† and intensification of his romantic involvement with Edie and confidence in Father Barry. Relationships fuel and glorify Terry’s powerful, audience-enthralling journey to morality. Nestled under the ‘hawkish’ wing of Johnny Friendly, the beginning of the film sees Terry Malloy a daft â€Å"bum,† too preoccupied by â€Å"standing with the right people, just to have a bit of change jingling in his pocket† to deeply contemplate morality. Tainted by a distressing antiquity, Terry Malloy has habituated to a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world of Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest,’ where â€Å"taking it out on their skulls† is the appropriate method of resolution. â€Å"Its eve... ...y. These factors, coupled with the incorporation of the heart-melting cheekbones of ‘Marlon Brando’ at his prime are more likely to have screamed ‘power’ in the eyes of a 1950’s audience, let alone the viewer of today. Also, the fact that ‘On the Waterfront’ mirrors Elia Kazan’s real-life decision to testify to the HUAC magnifies its validity to human nature and overall potency. As he trudges across the docks towards the unfamiliar, suit-clad man looming like utopia in the distance, Terry Malloy is clearly a product of his relationships. His rapport-catalyzed metamorphosis from a follower of Johnny Friendly to a genuine â€Å"contender† is profoundly powerful, however the ending is bleak – with corruption still lingering as the gate slides closed behind the men, engulfing them into another cycle of exploitation as Bernstein’s music reaches a haunting shrill.

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Web Conferencing Programs Research Memo

In our meeting last week we discussed moving to different Web Conferencing software in an effort to become more user friendly to our remote users, and to enable cost savings in our telecom and IT infrastructure. I undertook the assignment to research the available software solutions and have found one that I believe will allow our company to achieve the objectives set forth during our meeting. During my research I came upon four different programs that I thought would meet our criteria. I will explain which one I believed was the superior choice and then explain what led me to that conclusion. I have included a table listing the top four in the reference pageThe software that I believed was the best fit for us is Netviewer Meet 6. 0. My criteria that my decision was based on were: Features, Usability, Security, Support, Price and Trial availability. I will explain my choice based on two of them, features and price. Feature wise almost all of the four under consideration had, for the most part the same features between them. The Online Meeting Tools Review (n. d) website indicated a that Netview Meet 6. had by far the best set of features that could be found in one program, based on the chart given on that websites page titled â€Å"Functions and Features of the 5 best web conferencing services†. Some of those features were that it allowed for desktop and selected application access as well as the ability to change presenters instantly and to be able to transfer mouse and keyboard control as well as a being user friendly with †w ide-ranging options that can be hidden and revealed using the profile manager† (Online Meeting Tools Review website, n. ). The price on the service was a key factor in leading to my decision as well. It has a monthly subscription fee of $49 per month which allows for 100 participants which was the best price per user from a cost standpoint. Also there is no need to purchase additional hardware or reconfigure firewalls and proxy settings as it supports most current configurations. By utilizing Netview Meet 6. 0 our department can enable more efficient remote collaboration thru more advanced web conferencing software.

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5 Issues in Education Today Essay - 1929 Words

Corporal Punishment Corporal punishment has been around for many years, even centuries. Many schools allowed corporal punishment, but is it necessary to us it in public schools? Can it be taken too far? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Up until the 60s and 70s, corporal punishment was a natural thing in schools and as court sentences. It wasn’t until the later part of the century that parents began to complain about the treatment of their children. Many parents believe that there are other options of punishment and discipline that schools can use. There have been cases where students were severely punished for ridiculous reasons, such as kissing or cuddling with someone of the opposite sex. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Fortunately, for all†¦show more content†¦I do see some truth in some of the opposing opinion. In the end, I think it should be the parent’s choice. Standardized Testing nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Is standardized testing beneficial to our nation’s children? Standardized tests are made to judge a child’s intelligence in order to place them at certain levels in school. Couldn’t teachers do the same job, being around students for the school year should enable him or her to judge the levels of intelligences? Everyone should know the benefits and the downfalls in order to understand the necessity. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Some of the benefits of standardized testing are that they evaluate the school programs and teachers. This ensures that all students gain the best knowledge from the best teachers and available programs. Standardized testing also documents a student’s progress throughout the year, allowing teachers to know what areas a particular student has strengths and/or weaknesses in. Also by knowing a students level of skills it will give them the chance to be involved in special programs or groups, and eventually good scores on the tests will ensure a high school diploma or other such certificates. When a student does well on the SATs or TAAS/TAKS, it allows them the chance to be accepted into college, to be eligible for financial aid, and also exempts them from having to take other placement tests at the college level. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Even though there are manyShow MoreRelatedHorace Mann Essay684 Words   |  3 PagesSystem. Horace Mann#8217;s had many reforms on education. He was born in 1796. Mann determined what the purpose of education should be based on his own experience and observation. Mann also had many ideas how education could be improved. Many of these ideas have been followed by schools today as well. Mann also had ideas on topics which one considers today to be controversial. The public should take into account what Mann#8217;s ideas were on these issues. Horace Mann#8217;s reforms and ideasRead MoreThe Education System and Family Life Essay1016 Words   |  5 PagesEducation is a social problem that is very prominent in the world today. Education affects not only children currently attending school, but what they do when they are older. It affects where someone may end up later in their life, what job they will have, and how much money they will be making. Unfortunately, not everyone graduates high school, goes to college, and earns a high paying job. The cards some people are dealt can be much different, and education today arises as a social problem becauseRead More Horace Mann Essay676 Words   |  3 PagesSchool System. Horace Mann’s had many reforms on education. He was born in 1796. Mann determined what the purpose of education should be based on his own experience and observation. Mann also had many ideas how education could be improved. Many of these ideas have been followed by schools today as well. Mann also had ideas on topics which one considers today to be controversial. The public should take into account what Mann’s ideas were on these issues. amp;#9;Horace Mann’s reforms and ideas haveRead MoreImpact Of Technology On The Classroom1118 Words   |  5 Pagesusing it. Should technology be used in the classroom? My opinion on the debate is yes. I think this because there are many positive and negative uses of technology to further education. One example is that nowadays we are consumed by technology, making us progress as individuals, so why should we not use it in education? The main problem is that most people assume it is costly, â€Å"...after buying the tablets and the software, schools then need to install a secure Wi-Fi network and hire supportRead MoreLyndon B. Johnson s The Great Society1450 Words   |  6 Pageswas a series of programs carrying aspects of what the common people live through each day. Programs for education, the end of poverty, conservation of the wild, housing, social security and the list goes on and on. So how did the Great Society improve or try to improve people’s lives in America by trying to end poverty and discrimination through programs for education and what are the effects today? Lyndon B. Johnson inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to create something similar to the New DealRead More My Philosophy of Teaching Essay example1251 Words   |  6 Pages Philosophy of Education As Malcom Forbes once said, â€Å"Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.† As a future teacher and educator, I heartily agree with the quote from Mr. Forbes, a successful businessman. Because I have been a student in school since I was five years old, I have had many opportunities to look at my education and assess what I have truly learned. Honestly, I can say that the most important part of my past and current education has been being exposedRead MoreClimate Change Education In Schools Essay1216 Words   |  5 PagesImproving Climate Education in Schools In today’s political climate, climate change education in American schools has been a controversial topic among lawmakers and teachers. Climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns largely attributed to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced using fossil fuels. American students today aren’t being taught about climate change for those students to be making the decisions in the future about what we will be doing as aRead MoreImportant Issues Facing the Profession of Nursing Today1561 Words   |  6 PagesMost Important Issues in the Profession of Nursing Today Introduction In the medical fraternity, nurses make up the largest healthcare profession. The care of patients depends on the well-being of the nurses, and issues affecting them may affect patients, directly or indirectly. As a profession, nursing, can be both an extremely rewarding and challenging activity. A number of problems exist, and most are becoming worse because of lack of lack of mechanisms to address these issues. The three greatestRead MoreInequality Between Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals Living in Canada872 Words   |  4 Pagesthat they are at today. When one looks at the timeline of events and the laws implemented since the arrival of the Europeans in North America it can be considered a miracle that so many aspects of the rich culture and tradition of these people have survived to see today. It is a blessing that these people have been able to pass down the languages, cultural and societal beliefs, as well as their stories from generation to generation so that the people of Nort h America and the world today may be able toRead MoreCorporate Finance and Gladstone1058 Words   |  5 Pagesvalues next year: $150 million, $135 million, $95 million, and $80 million. These outcomes are all equally likely, and this risk is diversifiable. Gladstone will not make any payouts to investors during the year. Suppose the risk-free interest rate is 5% and assume perfect capital markets. a. What is the initial value of Gladstone’s equity without leverage? Now suppose Gladstone has zero-coupon debt with a $100 million face value due next year. b. What is the initial value of Gladstone’s